Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Converting a .NET date to a Mirth date

A colleague was having a problem in Mirth where they were trying to get a date sent in from a .NET app to a Web Service Listener. It was a patients date of birth, and it was formatted in the .Net WCF service way - ISO 8601.


They needed to convert it to a US date format. Here is what they had been trying:
DateUtil.convertDate('yyyy-MM-ddTHH:MM:ss', 'mm/dd/yy', msg['Correspondence']['MedicalDemographics']['Patient']['DateOfBirth'].toString());
This looks fine on the surface, but Mirth doesn't like that "T" sitting in the date. I've never found a workaround other than removing that "T". This is particularly easy to do here because date of birth doesn't have a need for the time anyway. So we just take the first 10 characters and convert with that.

DateUtil.convertDate('yyyy-MM-dd', 'mm/dd/yy', msg['Correspondence']['MedicalDemographics']['Patient']['DateOfBirth'].toString().substring(0, 10));
You can do the same for dates with times, but I will save that for another post.

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